Kevin Popović: Satellite Marketing (ENG)

Kevin Popović, marketing communication expert, author of few books, and teacher. He had a very interesting lecture on Faculty of Economics and Management about his book, which is focused on Satellite Marketing and Social Media. He spoke about these topics and he liken it to his own experiences.

Social Media Action Team provide you exclusive interview with Kevin. If you want to read this interview in Czech, click here.




At the begin we should clarify what is Satellite Marketing. It means communication strategy built to connect company and its target customers through Social Media.

Imagine that, these social media sites represent sub-stations and it is as satellites. The aim of the Sattelite Marketing is communication strategy of company and how to set it to bring benefits to both side, especially to company.

Social Media are very interesting and huge marketing tool. But it is a science to set succesfully the communication and move the needle.

What interesting experiences do you have in your CV?

Experiences I think are interesting may be different that experiences you or your readers think are interesting. Here is a link to my CV, you tell me what is interesting to you:

Why did you choose Czech University of Life Sciences for your presentation?

I am teaching a “Creativity + Innovation” class here as part of the study abroad program for San Diego State University. I had met a CULS professor – Milos Ulman – while he was visiting my university and we were discussing our areas of expertise. He told me that CULS faculty had been interested in social media and invited me to present on my new book, Satellite Marketing: Using Social Media to Create Engagement.

What do you think about our University?

I am very impressed with your university. Your campus teaching facilities are well organized and provide all of the resources that I need to deliver my classes. Your lecture hall is world-class and was the perfect place to present my book.

Do you prepare a new book?

In addition to the two books that have been published, I have written two ebooks.

I am also working on new books focused on Design Thinking and Creativity + Innovation.

What do you think about Czech Republic?

I have found the Czech Republic to be as beautiful as the pictures I have seen growing up in the United States. The architecture is stunning, and the history and culture of your country is an important part of Europe. Every where I have visited I have found myself taking pictures to capture these memories.

What did give you the impulse to write your book?

In 2006 I was working on a project called MojoPages producing videos for a technology startup

I produced videos, publicist was doing public relations / media relations and blogger was promoting to other bloggers. Combining video, PR and social media create a great amount of attention to this business before it even went live. I wanted to learn why this worked so well, and if this could be repeated so I started exploring more ways to improve what we had done.

My business, Ideahaus®, is a creative communications agency. The nature of our business is to bring attention to other businesses, like MojoPages, so it was important to develop a process to repeat what we had done.

I developed my methodology, then tested on other clients. I also developed a workshop to test if others could use my process. After several years of testing I began writing the book. After working with a couple different publishers I finally selected CRC Press, a division of Taylor & Francis in New York.

Which countries did you visit?

I have visited Canada, Mexico, Ireland, Jamaica and Germany.

What are you planning to the future?

I founded Ideahaus® in 1990 and I will continue to work with businesses to help them with communications planning, creative development and account management. I will also continue to teach at San Diego State University. I will write more books in the field of communications, and will link them to services like Market Ready Index™ – a best practices evaluation to measure how prepared a business is to compete in the marketplace:

Do you have some message for people who want to start bussiness and use social media?

One of the chapters in my book, “Satellite Marketing,” is “7 Reasons You Should NOT Use Social Media for Business

Social Media can be an important channel of communication for a business, but it is not the only channel of communications.

Do you think that social media will be grow to more and more important tool for daylife to the future?

Social Media has become an important part of many peoples lives, but not everyone.

“Social media is current and trending as a communications channel, but that doesn’t guarantee the people you are trying to reach are there. Pew (2013) reports 87% of Americans are online which means 13% are not. Of those 87% online, 26% don’t use social media*. Depending on your audience demographics and psychographics, there’s a good chance they’re not there.

A 2014 Gallup survey* of 18,000 U.S. consumers report that people primarily use social media to be social. Ninety-four percent of social media users do so to connect with friends and family, 29% to follow trends, find information and product reviews, 20% to add their comments to product reviews.

As far as the influence they have on purchasing decisions: 62% have no influence at all. Thirty percent have some (influencers) and only 5% have a great deal of influence (influencers) on making a purchase. Statistically, people didn’t join social for the business. One in three will talk about products and services, but 1 in 20 buy.

Before you invest any time in developing a social media presence be sure your audience is using social media, and you know where they are. The Internet is a big place and just because Facebook is your favorite social networking service it doesn’t necessarily make it the best starting place for your business.”


What to say with the end? As you read Kevin had very interesting answers in the interview and thanks to him we have new idea about Satellite Marketing. Because, I don’t know what about you, but we had been very curious what Kevin will say about this topic. (we – mean as plenty members of Social Media Action Team).

So we thanks to Kevin for interview and lecture as well.