Kalendář událostí a akcí na PEF a ČZU

články / všechny akce a události / Country Night – Turkey vs. Latvia by ESN CULS Prague

čtvrtek 23.03.2017 19:00 – 22:30
Restaurace Klub C

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ESN CULS Prague: Hey guys,
do you want to know more interesting information about your new international friends, try their typical food and national drinks (alcohol)?
This THURSDAY we are going to continue learning more about different countries.

Last time we presented to you Italy vs Netherlands ! This time these two countries will stand against each other – Turkey vs Latvia!
Who do you think can win this time?(to be announced in international dinner on 6th of april) Come this Thursday to club C at 19.00 and rate which country have prepared more original and entertaining presentation for you because next time it can be your turn!
O této akci najdete informace také na http://www.smat.se/udalosti/257092541416506/.
As usual you can have there great beer!

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