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pátek 21.04.2017 09:00 – sobota 22.04.2017 19:00
Česká zemědělská univerzita v Praze

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Career Center ČZU v Praze: During two days, you’ll dive into post-its, work and develop a business model for your career. You’ll improve your skills, get to know your future employers, learn how to communicate with impact and present yourself to companies in a vivid, furious and empathic atmosphere.
This is a fully hands-on experience. On the first day: training. On the second day: pitch and presentation to companies.

Pitch Bootcamp is a leading career accelerator and a case study in over 6 countries. So far the program has tangled more than 7000 youngsters with more than 700 companies, successfully creating more than 1500 jobs. It’s beautiful!

You can check out more about the event at Pitch Bootcamp’s website (http://pitch.sparkagency.pt/).

If you want to register now, just fill out this registration form (http://pitch.cc.czu.cz/).
O této akci najdete informace také na http://www.smat.se/udalosti/1625960227705425/.
Registration 500 CZK

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